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Archaeologist Missing in NY

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Archaeologist Goes Missing in Up State New York

Archaeologist Dr. Robert Kincaid was reported missing by his wife late last Tuesday. He was studying the mounds and the mounds builders of North America. In an excited phone call to his wife that previous Saturday he mentioned the discovery of a new mound and a hidden cave system that would shake the very foundations of our historical perspective of this world. That telephone call was the last time anyone heard from Dr. Kincaid. What we do know from credit card receipts and eye witnesses is that he was last seen in upstate New York.

Various mounds often called the pyramids of North America are found all over North America and Canada. Most of the mounds of North America are constructed of earth. Sometimes the soil of these mounds were brought in from great distances and carefully placed in order to coincide with celestial events. Native Americans tend to consider these mounds to be of great spiritual significance.

We sent one of our reporters to interview Dr. Kincaid's wife, and while that interview did not shine much more light on the case than is already known by the local police it did generate a few new interesting tidbits of information. It seems Dr. Kincaid briefly mentioned to his wife about the caves in this mound being filled with wagons of gold and other treasures of which he was not more specific at that time.

Of slightly more interest to our reporter was the fact that he discovered that the Kincaid's phone was tapped and that there were people watching the house ever so discreetly. The few people that our reporter tried to approach drove off quickly. It is hard to understand why people would be using various surveillance techniques for something that should be rather mundane. Given the level of surveillance we cannot help but wonder if there's something more going on.

Was this just a simple archaeological discovery or was it as Dr. Kincaid told his wife that he had unearthed something so profound that it would change our perception of the world. Until Dr. Kincaid can be found we may never know the answer.

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