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UFO Crashes in California

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UFO Crashes in Northern California

First came the scattered reports in the late evening of a possible downed aircraft in the forests along the California/Oregon border. A few hours later came the surprise admission by the United States Air Force that an experimental aircraft  may have crashed in the same area.  This may have all gone unnoticed as nothing more than a military exercise gone awry if it were not for the witnesses to the actual event.

A number of those first few witnesses describe the aircraft as a UFO. Almost all the witnesses agreed that the aircraft had suffered some sort of catastrophic mechanical failure as there was smoke pouring from the side of the aircraft.

As for the military’s excuse of the aircraft being some sort of experimental jet fighter may be in dispute by some of the witnesses who were in or live near the area where the aircraft went down. As one witness said, “I can’t remember seeing so many jet fighters and helicopters in my life in one area.” In fact, a number of witnesses report seeing a wide variety of helicopters and jet aircraft circling the area for most of the night. A number of unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAVs) were identified along with the standard complement of stealth fighters the Air Force is currently using. The kinds and types of helicopters were just as varied with more than a few gunships providing cover for the helicopters that landed in the area.

Several hunters that were in the area not far from where the actual aircraft came down were surprised by the soldiers that suddenly seemed to appear in the area to safely escort them away from the danger zone. While none of them actually saw the aircraft, a couple of those hunters did report seeing what looked like a bald naked young woman about 5 feet in height with a very light almost gray complexion running through the woods. If they had been inclined to be of assistance to the young woman it would not have been possible to do so as within moments of seeing the woman they were surrounded by soldiers.

A number of our inside sources with military have confirmed that the downed aircraft was extraterrestrial in nature.  And, that there were two occupants in the aircraft one of which was found dead at the crash site. The other occupant was captured a few hours later and it along with the remains of the aircraft and all its contents were transported to area 51 before daybreak the next day. We cannot help but note that if this had been a normal aircraft, experimental or not, from this planet, the whole operation of looking for evidence and trying to piece together the cause of the crash would have taken up days if not weeks.

Given our sources and the number of witnesses to the event and the massive use of manpower and machines to secure the area we cannot help but question the official story. A number of reporters and other people who made their way to the site after the fact reported seeing nothing. The area was so clean that even the impact crater where the aircraft actually hit the ground had been covered over leaving only fresh dirt to mark the long gash from the impact in the earth.

We can only conclude that this is another UFO crash site. Unlike the UFO crash site in Roswell, New Mexico, this cannot be explained away as being just another weather balloon.

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